Master the Keys | Piano Chords: 101 in 1 Hour

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Master the Keys | Piano Chords: 101 in 1 Hour, All you need to know, from the beginning, to play chord accompaniments to your favorite songs with skill and confidence!

Want to play timeless hits on the piano?

Want to sing-along with friends and family?

Want to have fun while learning?

With this self-paced Course, we will develop your understanding of piano chords and commonly used popular progressions and how to play them.

If you are a beginner, or wish to revive your musical skills, this Course is designed for you you can discover the joy of playing the piano or keyboard with remarkable speed – without reading traditional sheet music!

In this Course:

Learn how to play the fundamental chords in 6 of the most common groups (key signatures) enabling you to read and interpret any chord sheet you can find.

PLUS: Understand the chords and their make up so that they really stick in your brain!

AND:  I share the shortcuts used by musicians everyday to read music which help get the chords under the fingers quickly and accurately.

Extra Credit: Each key group has a short snippet of a famous song to help you practice – by The Beatles, Adele, REM, John Lennon or Van Morrison.

Bonus Module: This Course is specially designed to be inclusive and fun, so it’s perfect for beginners and anyone with rusty piano skills. I have included an optional ‘Primer’ session to set you up or refresh your knowledge!

After this Course:

  • Easily identify all the notes and musical terminology, so you’re always in control of the music.
  • Sit down at any piano or keyboard with total confidence, ready to play well-known songs.
  • Ability to play chords for any song, so you can recognise the right chords for any key.
  • Alumni can join Phil Surtees in the private Facebook Group for regular listening and practice sessions.

AND – this is the perfect preparation for our next course “Master the Keys – Learn the chords | Piano Songbook: 10 Hits”

Master the Keys – Learn the Chords

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey that will transform you into a skilled piano player while enjoying timeless hits?

Enrol now to impress your friends with your piano skills!

If your piano is dusty and your skills are rusty, but you dream of playing with confidence and style, then this Course was made for you.

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