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Yoga for Health, Get started and practice Yoga to promote good health – now and in the future!

Are you interested in improving your health?  Perhaps tried Yoga before.  Interested in finding out more about the benefits to your physical and mental well being.  Want to protect your health in the short and longer term?

This course introduces you to some of the key poses and practices within yoga that support the body to remain active and mobile.  We look at yoga for key areas including backs, hips and shoulders.  We spend time looking at mind practices to better understand the range of practices available with the opportunity to experience each with a taster session.

In today’s busy world where we are spending more time being static than in movement, it is becoming even more important to ensure that we exercise and move in the right way.  Sitting for long periods at desks or in cars can lead to shortening of key muscles in the pelvis area resulting in reduced mobility and problems later in life.  Rounded or hunched shoulders as a result of desk working can over time limit the range of movement in the shoulders and cause incorrect posture leading to later issues.

The challenges of work, busy lifestyles and commitments can lead us feeling tired and wired, not knowing whether to rest, exercise, eat or sleep!  To be able to unwind, to mentally switch off and reset gives you a huge advantage in alleviating stress, developing mental alertness and encouraging better relationships.

Discover and try the power of basic yoga, develop a home practice and fall in love with movement.  Yoga for Health gets you started on that journey.

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