Thinking Lenses

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Thinking Lenses, How To Find Your Creative Voice.

This free mini course “Thinking Lenses” is originating from my other course “Photo Creative”. This is a paid course that include:

* Get instant FREE access to my eBook “Thinking Lenses” (for a limited time)

* Always updated course materials

* Become member of my Facebook group for students

(the above mentioned is not included in the free version)

What you will learn, in the free version

If you want creative freedom and personal development, then you are at the right place.

This course is about finding your creative photo voice.

This is for beginners as well as for advanced photographers.

You will discover my method step by step

In this mini course, you will learn to think creative in connection to my book.

I have written a book about creative photography.

It’s called  “Thinking Lenses”.

it’s the ultimate 6-step method that guides you in finding your own creative voice.

It consists of 6 mood-colors, such as, for example:

Positive pink, cool blue, sharp black, relaxed yellow, vital green and passionate red.

With the 6-colors, you are going to learn to make creative activities and do different exercises.

At the same time having fun making your own personal photo project.

I want to empower you to find your personal photovoice and activate your creativity.

My 6-colored method will take you to the next level finding inspiration and information.

What’s in it for you?

You can use my course for: education, business, research, fun, entertainment,

personal development, inspiration, hobby, and so on.

When the course is finished you will be able to unlock your creative potential and realize your creative ideas.

Hope to see you at my free mini course, thank you!

And remember to “enjoy yourself”.


This free mini course has been “short-edited”. It is NOT ALL material and content mentioned in the videos,

that are available in the free video version. Just so you know by now…

Subtitles will tell you, if something is not available.

Thinking Lenses
Thinking Lenses
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