Lightroom Classic Workflow and Organization Like a Pro

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Lightroom Classic Workflow and Organization Like a Pro, Learn How to Import, Organize and Develop a Professional Workflow in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Are you someone who gets confused when you look at Adobe Lightroom Classic?

Do terms like Catalogs, Importing, Folders, Collections, etc make you really frustrated?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Even some of the best professional photographers find Lightroom Classic very confusing at first. Even though the editing part inside Lightroom is a lot of fun, the organizing part is the one that frustrates a lot of people.

But once you understand how to use the different organizing functions in LR Classic work, you will realize that not only is it very good as an editing tool, it’s also the best image management software out there.

In this course, we will learn this entire process by going through the following 13 steps:

  1. Transferring & Organizing Photos
  2. Importing into LR (1st method)
  3. Understanding a Catalog
  4. Importing into LR (2nd method)
  5. Backing up the Lightroom Catalog
  6. Understanding Folders
  7. Understanding & Using Collections
  8. Culling Using Collections
  9. Editing Workflow Settings
  10. Target Collections for Portfolio
  11. Client Proofing Using Lightroom Cloud
  12. Exporting the Correct Way
  13. Additional Settings To Facilitate Workflow

Going through these 13 steps will make you master the entire Lightroom classic software.

The best part is that you will be getting your hands on all the images used in the course and you’ll actually be starting the process by copying the photos into an SD card, just like you would do if you did your own shoot. So everything will be taught from scratch.

I hope to see you inside the course!

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