Advanced Soul Purpose Workshops (ASPW)

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Advanced Soul Purpose Workshops (ASPW), Ascesnion.

Advanced Soul Purpose Workshops (ASPWs) are designed to teach you about the Ascension process and your soul journey. This is a soul infusion experience. We are embodying biological changes associated with the gold and silver tones of creation through Ascension leading to a self-sustaining biology.

In this 12-month online course, we (the ASPW team) will share perspectives gained from decades of experience within the fields of the arts, alternative medicine, education, and spiritual communities. We will traverse Soul Purpose Work and the Ascension process. Together, we will gain a deeper meaning behind the revolutionary times we are currently living.

This course is designed not to give you answers but rather to offer you insights, practices, and tools that will allow you to find your potency in a new, authentic, inspired, and unique way leading to a complete Ascension. You may choose to ascend in your own way whether it be through transfiguration or transfusion. As Ascension map makers, we are doing this work not only for Mother Earth, but for our next generation of ancestors who will be coming into a body at a much higher frequency and vibratory rate. As we do our personal Ascension work, our future ancestors will have an easier time aligning with the New Light Earth Dream.

We are living through the most significant transformation in the history of civilization, Ascension! Which will alter who we are, not just as individuals but as a species. Ascension is not a passive transformation. There are many aspects of biological and energetic Ascension. The Ascension process takes awareness, intention, transmutation, and the clearing of present and ancestral karma.

What is Ascension?

Through ascension, humans can learn to work together in unity, harmony, and joy.

Ascension is about creating community and requires coming into harmony, unless one is going to carry the difficulties from one’s family into the group.

As one heals the patterns and roles that one has assumed in family in this lifetime, there is an opportunity to alter the role that one plays with the group to a more joyful purpose and contribution.

Ascension allows the patterning, thoughtform and personality to be modified into a new language known as the Language of Light.

As one begins to work with this language, the role that one plays inside a group changes.

Group relations founded upon the Language of Light become unity based; humans naturally begin to flow together for the greater good of one another and what the group has convened to accomplish.

This is Mother Earth’s vision for ascending communities worldwide: Many groups of humans coming together in each continent in unity principles and living in such principles under one roof or within a community. Find out more here: Website: shakinahstacyjudah

Advanced Soul Purpose Workshops (ASPW)
Advanced Soul Purpose Workshops (ASPW)
$12.99 $19.99
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