Tantra as the way into life

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Tantra as the way into life, Be the source of your being and live unconditional love naturally.

How can we feel the pure life energy that bubbles through us like a fountain of youth, uncover it within us and pass it on as healing energy?

It can be a lengthy process to understand, and most importantly, embody what Tantra really is. For this you need a high level of sensitivity and (inner) purity. You feel the energy or you don’t feel it, nothing can be forced. What I am trying to do in this course is to activate you to open your body and mind so that the tantric energy can flow through you. This happens primarily through purification and devotion to the divine in deep meditation. Your body is nothing but a vessel for this energy, it wants to serve it. Your mind must be still or at least mastered by full consciousness. You must have pure intention and leave your ego behind as you become one with the universe. Your heart must open wide. Then you feel like the fountain of youth itself, dissolved into eternity. Life and death merge into immortality. Your male and female aspects dance together in cosmic – orgasmic love, ecstatic silence. But this is not yours and you cannot hold on to it. It comes when you let go and prove yourself worthy by becoming empty. So in this course you will learn a lot about inner and outer purity, meditation, breathing techniques, theoretical aspects, initiations, natural feelings, heart opening and feminine energy, which will help you open the door to tantric energy.

Tantra as the way into life
Tantra as the way into life
Free $84.99
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