Money Marriage U Budget

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Money Marriage U Budget, Where couples go to learn to budget together.

Money Marriage U Budget allows you to learn at your own pace. The course includes an eBook answering the most commonly asked budgeting questions, short video clips, an interactive budget template for couples, and Money Date cards.

The goal of the course is to empower couples with the strategies and resources to work together and establish shared goals and a financial plan in their own marriage.

The course is divided into the following units:

  • Income
  • Saving and Investing
  • Housing
  • Health Expenses
  • Transportation Costs
  • Food
  • Personal and Family Expenses
  • High Interest Debt Repayment
  • Buy Time, Not Stuff
  • Money Management > Budgeting

Money Marriage U is the educational arm to Modern Husbands.

Modern Husbands: Money Wisdom Empowering Modern Marriages.

We like to laugh, celebrate men, and support modern husbands married to working spouses by sharing ideas to partner to manage money and the home. Our free resources include short courses, articles with evidence based ideas, and the Modern Husbands podcast which hosts national thought leaders who share ideas to manage money and the home together.

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The course was written by Brian Page, founder of Modern Husbands, a company dedicated to sharing ideas for devoted husbands to manage money, the house, and a life full of experiences.

An established national leader in financial education who taught personal finance and economics at Reading Community City Schools for 15 years. Selected as a Milken National Educator Recipient, CNN Money Hero, and CEE Forbes Award winner, amongst numerous other awards. Served as a Working Group Member of the U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability, President of Ohio Jump$tart, and Chair of the Teacher Advisory Council at the Council for Economic Education (National). Former Senior member of NGPF.

Money Marriage U Budget
Money Marriage U Budget
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