Build Your Own Financial Plan

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Build Your Own Financial Plan, In less than 1 hour!

I was once told that “Plan beats no plan.”

When it comes to financial planning, that couldn’t be more true.

78% of Americans have less than $50,000 set aside for retirement. Only 14% of Americans have $100,000 set aside for retirement. (Yahoo)

My mission – help 100 people create their financial plan in 2023. By 2025 my goal is to have helped 10,000 people.

The problem – most people don’t have access to financial planning products.

So, I built this resource for you.

It’s intentionally built to be low-tech to be accessible to anyone.

Included in this FREE class is:

  • A spreadsheet designed to help you figure out:
    • a monthly budgeting tool
    • a budget forecasting tool that allows you to test various scenarios, such as new jobs or buying a more expensive house
    • a Personal Financial Statement that will help you understand and monitor your net worth
    • the exact amount of emergency fund that you should have and where you stand compared to that number
    • the exact amount of life insurance you should have; based on an industry-standard
    • how much money you have that could be invested today
    • finally, help you calculate how much money you will need in retirement

Anyway, I really hope you will enjoy this course.

The peace of mind that comes from taking control of your finances is life-changing. I think you will agree.

Build Your Own Financial Plan
Build Your Own Financial Plan
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