Create Money Making Ebooks & Courses with AI, ChaptGPT

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Create Money Making Ebooks & Courses with AI, ChaptGPT, Profit from your Passion and create ebooks and courses on a budget, without going broke!

Packed with information on how to get your ebook and book published on Amazon KDP and turn your passion into a profit!
Do you have a passion and want to monetize it? Do you want to make passive income and work once and get paid over and over? This book will show you the exact steps you need to get make that a reality!

Here is what is packed in this tell all Video Course & Ebook on Amazon KDP ebook creation and publishing

  • Finding your Niche and what to write about using AI and chatGPT
  • Using Amazon to search your niche and know what to write about!
  • The formatting of your book and cover
  • Creating a Video course and putting your book in other formats such as Audible/Audiobooks
  • Using ChatGPT and AI to brainstorm and make your outline
  • Writing your ebook and formatting for Amazon KDP
  • Formatting your book with free tools such as Google Docs and how to properly get your book ready to be uploaded to Amazon KDP
  • What low cost tools are worth paying for
  • Marketing and selling your e-book and getting the word out using tools such as Email marketing, paid ads, lead magnets, and Amazon reviews.

I talk about the exact process you need to get your book and e-book published on Amazon KDP. No fluff Just the facts—and all the info you need!

Do you have an idea for an ebook but are stuck on how to get started? This is the book that will ignite a fire and get your creative juices flowing!

The start to an amazing ebook starts with a single word in Google docs? Start that journey today and get started on your ebook/course and start publishing on Amazon KDP!

Create Money Making Ebooks & Courses with AI, ChaptGPT
Create Money Making Ebooks & Courses with AI, ChaptGPT
Free $0.00
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