How to Create Business Opportunities

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How to Create Business Opportunities, MBA Practical Strategies for Entrepreneurs: Create Your Own Opportunities and Build Successful Businesses upon them!

Clients may think they are in a market for products, services or experiences, but it’s Opportunities that make them tick.

Not only that enables you to outrank your Competitors, whatever your industry, but it also determines the amount of money you are making.

A bottle of water with 50% off on a supermarket shelf can be ignored even by customers with buy intent, but try to design a way to offer the SAME bottle to really thirsty people in hot weather, or maybe after intense workout, or some situation where you’re the only one who has what they need, or the only one who can help them in a particular way, place, time, unique configuration etc.

Instead of you struggling to fight your competitors, your customers will compete with each other to get your triple priced product.

And your only concern will be about how to get enough stock, instead of how to get rid of it, or cover your expenses.

That’s what makes people act in most important moments: Opportunities.

We are pursuing Opportunities every single day, all our lives. Some obvious, yes, but most of them not.

Nevertheless that’s a Key Success Factor which applies to everything, whether it’s your Entrepreneurial journey (there is no such thing as successful Entrepreneurship without Business Opportunities!), Sales, Negotiations, or just every day life situations, like for instance Relationships – finding your best partner, or friend, spouse, coach – or unique Experiences, events, self-development Opportunities…

The possibilities are endless, but the principles are the same.

And since Success is created by taking the best Opportunities, the ability to create great Opportunities is the ultimate Skill. Both in Entrepreneurship and generally, in every day life.

What if I told you that this is a learnable Skill? And that there is a blueprint to help you progress from zero to becoming a Master of Opportunities?

That’s exactly what this Course is about.

This is a Course for:

-People who want to build a successful Business;

Entrepreneurs who what to level up significantly their actual Business(es), especially in recession times, by continuously creating great Competitive Advantages meant to help them outperform and outrank their Competitors;

-Anyone who wants to make a key difference, whether it’s on their job, Business or daily endeavors.

By the end of this Course you will:

-Know what are the key ingredients of a great Opportunity and how to work with them (not only Business Opportunities but any kind of Opportunities);

-Become capable to Identify great Business Opportunities;

-Become capable to Create great Business Opportunities;

-Become capable to Monetize Business Opportunities the right way, so you can build solid, successful, long-lasting Businesses upon them;

-Become capable to critically assess whether the Opportunities you come across are real, valid Opportunities you can really build solid, successful Businesses upon, or they only look like that (especially today, with the invasion of fake gurus promoting scams on social media), so you can avoid wasting money, Time, other resources and opportunity costs;

-Become capable to assess the Value Perception Level of your of your service, at your customers’ level;

-Know how to adjust the Value Perception level, so that your prospects perceive your product/ service as an Opportunity;

-Become capable to make your offer be perceived as an Opportunity as compared to your Competitors’ offers, so that your clients choose you over them;

-Become capable to make our offer be perceived as a GREATER Opportunity, (compared to its actual level) and increase your profit;

However Opportunities are generally short-lived. That’s how they are.

Your competitors may be retaliating or replicating, customers’ needs may change, economic conditions may influence so many things, so nothing is static. Change is the only constant thing.

Therefore you want to be able not only to design Business Opportunities as durable as possible, difficult or impossible to replicate by actual and potential Competitors, monetizable at the highest possible levels.

But more importantly, you want to be able to Design great Opportunities on a regular basis, continuously, every single day. That’s the ONLY way you’ll never be afraid about whatever happens with the economy, or whatever the industry you will want to enter, or whatever your Competitors’ strategies might be.

Even if they would try to imitate you. Because by the time they will try that, you would have already advanced 2 steps further, creating new Competitive Advantages, based on NEW great Opportunities.

That’s what being a Master of Opportunities means.

Why mastering the skill of Creating great Business Opportunities is of such a game changing, strategic importance?

Because Business Strategy determines Business Success.

But at the core of Business Strategy is Entrepreneurship.

And your Success as an Entrepreneur simply depends on how skilled you are at identifying and creating Opportunities and then monetizing them.

But it all starts with asking yourself:

If Clients  are buying products but it’s Opportunities that make them tick,

Whose products do I want them to buy?

And how much do I want them to pay me for that?

Given that the greater the Opportunities I’m creating, the higher the price they are happy to pay.

It all starts with this Course.

Enroll now and the only thing you’ll be sorry about will be that you didn’t find it sooner.

See you in the Course!

About the Instructor:

Stefan Leon

Businesses launched:

till date: 8

Running 3 Businesses at the moment (different industries)


Entrepreneurship experience: 21 years

Management experience: 29 years

Sales experience: 32 years

Business Consulting, Training, Coaching experience: 14 years

Educational background:


Professional Diploma in Management

Professional Certificate in Management

Management Diploma

Executive Coach Certificate

How to Create Business Opportunities
How to Create Business Opportunities
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