Worlds Within Words

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Worlds Within Words, A Writer’s Guide to Crafting Immersive Settings.

Picture a course that demystifies the art of writing, exploring the often overlooked, yet crucial element – setting. Envision honing your skills in an environment that is not only informative and concise but also entertaining and easily accessible. This is exactly what you’ll experience in our course.

Here, we delve into the intricate tapestry of fiction, helping you unravel how the setting interplays with characters and plot, and further, how it anchors and propels your story. Our approach is designed to save you significant time, equipping you with the tools, perspectives, and insights needed to bring your story to life.

This comprehensive curriculum includes:

  • A deep dive into the concept of setting in fiction
  • Exploring the synergy between setting and other aspects of fiction, notably plot and character
  • Unpacking the pivotal role setting plays in your narrative
  • An understanding of various narrative stances and their interactions with the setting
  • The golden rules of writing setting and pitfalls to avoid
  • Helpful guiding questions and expert advice to craft compelling settings

All resources are geared towards teaching you how to effectively use setting, taking your fiction writing to new heights.

This course is the perfect fit for anyone looking to master the art of fiction writing. Understanding the critical role that setting plays is a prerequisite to mastering this craft. At the end of this immersive journey, you’ll possess a full understanding of setting’s role in fiction, setting you on the path to become an accomplished storyteller. Unleash your creativity and let your stories come alive!

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