Write a book with ChatGPT : Self Publish on Amazon in 1 day

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Write a book with ChatGPT : Self Publish on Amazon in 1 day, Use the power of ChatGPT and AI, to conceptualize a book, write it and publish it on Amazon, all in just 1 day.

I stumbled upon the power of ChatGPT one afternoon. I wrote a whole book in less than 2 hrs. Astonishing, isn’t it ?

So far i have written 5 books and many more to go, no stopping.

I am sharing all the steps required for you to do the same. I will walk you thru the process step by step and also have included tips and tricks, that took me months to learn.

In this course, we will start from scratch, look at the step by step process of using ChatGPT to conceptualize, write and publish the book on Amazon Kindle platform. We will :

1. Show you how to login to ChatGPT and create your account

2. Begin with finding a catchy topic, that people wish to read

3. Use ChatGPT to create table of contents

4. Create content using ChatGPT

5. Use royalty free websites to add pics

6. Format book and convert to PDF

7. Create a attractive book cover

8. Create an Amazon account, onĀ Kindle Direct Publishing

9. Publish your book, set rate, royalty etc..

All this in a matter of few hrs. Begin your journey to be “An Author” today…

I’ll see you in the classroom,

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