Work safety for office employees + Exam

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Work safety for office employees + Exam, Learn and prove knowledge on the workplace or occupational safety.

This course is intended to office employees to learn about the safety and to prove to their employers the appropriate knowledge. The course covers the topics of general safety conditions at the office and the key risks such as: fire, electrical equipment, ergonomics, air quality, stress and hygiene.

The course includes key tips of for emergency response.

This course can serve as basis for additional trainings that are specific to the company. It is a good starting point to align with the overall safety requirements in offices.

This course is suitable for any office employee. No prior technical experience or prior training in work safety is required. It is made country-neutral, and therefore it provides additional notice on the emergency numbers, as they are country-dependent.

As you have lifetime access to this course, it is recommended to re-take this course once a year. It will have regular minor updates.

The points reflected in the training are not formal theory. Additional to the general international requirements the author has made observations of office safety in various locations in different countries during his professional duties.

After covering the lectures, you are required to pass the exam with 8 multiple-choice questions. At successful completion you will receive a certificate that you can present to your current or future employer.

Instructor speaks with Northern European accent.

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