Netflix Clone: Building Movie Streaming Site with WordPress

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Netflix Clone: Building Movie Streaming Site with WordPress, Learn how to build movie streaming website with WordPress and Dooplay Theme.

Hi guys, Welcome to Netflix Clone: Building Movie Streaming Site with WordPress course. This is basically an extensive project based course where you will be fully guided step by step on how to build a movie streaming website from scratch using WordPress alongside with Dooplay which is a WordPress plugin designed specifically for creating and managing movie and TV shows. Hence, by using the Dooplay plugin, you will not be required to upload all movies and TV shows manually one by one which will take too much time and effort, instead you can integrate your WordPress site with Dooplay plugin to display all those movies and TV shows on your site automatically. In addition, the course will also put a heavy emphasis on user friendly and easy to use interface as a top scale priority for ensuring the positive user experience, hence, we will spend some time designing the website to be as comfortable as possible for the user to watch movies or TV shows there. Meanwhile, for the admin who controls the website, we are also going to build an easy to use and fully customisable admin panel which will enable the admin to make some changes or modifications, for instance ads integration where usually you would be required to add custom HTML code to display ads on your website. Once we are done building the movie streaming website, we will be conducting testing to make sure not only that the website has been fully functioning but also the website is easy to use from the perspective of the users. Then, you will also learn about some options for cheap but high quality hosting service where some of them even offer you a free domain for the first year. We will do some calculations to estimate the monthly and annual cost of hosting a website. At the end of the course, you will also be taught about several possible ways to monetise your movie streaming website, starting from displaying advertisements to charging a monthly subscription.

First of all, before getting into the course, we need to ask ourselves this question. Why should we learn how to build a movie streaming website? Well, although there might be many different answers available to that question, here is the main answer. Learning how to build a movie streaming website is definitely a valuable skill to have and has a high demand in today’s market. Other than skills, the product that you will build also has huge potential since you can potentially turn it into a sustainable passive income business by implementing the right monetisation strategies as well as effective marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your site. Even though this project might seem to be a difficult project due to its complex nature, nonetheless, there is nothing you should be worry about, even if you know nothing about WordPress and web development, you will still be totally fine since this course will teach everything from the perspective of beginner and you will be fully guided step by step on how to build the website, design the template and customise it based on your preference.

Below are things that you will learn in the course:

  • Learn how to set up WordPress and navigate through its dashboard
  • Learn how to get free hosting and domain using TasteWP
  • Learn how to install Dooplay theme to WordPress website
  • Learn how to activate Dooplay license
  • Learn how to activate Dbmovies API
  • Learn how to customise and design WordPress website
  • Learn how to import movies from Dbmovies
  • Learn how to import TV shows from Dbmovies
  • Learn about some high quality hosting providers
  • Learn how to monetise movie streaming website
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