Web Security for Web Developers

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Web Security for Web Developers, HTML Security, Javascript Security, Github Security, Web Security Testing.

Welcome to the course Web Security for Web Developers.

This short course is offers a comprehensive introduction to web security, tailored specifically for web developers.

In this digital age where web-based cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and contributing to revenue loss in organizations, there are an alarming number of web developers who have no knowledge in web security and are neglecting to implement robust security in their web services. This lack of security awareness amongst web developers results in severe consequences, including data breaches, legal ramifications, and damaged reputations.

By taking this course, you are taking steps to differentiate yourself from other developers by learning skills in web security. By learning why web security matters, important web vulnerabilities in today’s web, and integral web security practices to follow when developing web applications, you are developing skills demanded by organizations to help build their web services securely and protect their digital assets.

I’m Ronan from ronantech, and I’m excited to guide you through this short course teaching you how to write secure code in web development. I’m a 20 year old software developer and cybersecurity specialist posting content on Tiktok / IG to my 50k total fans. Through my experience working for YC startups, placing well in CTFs, and winning hackathons like HackHarvard, I’ve equipped myself with strong knowledge of secure architecture and coding practices in web development.

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