Web Scraping Mastery: 100 Projects with Scrapy,BS4 and more

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Web Scraping Mastery: 100 Projects with Scrapy,BS4 and more, 100 Real-World Projects with Scrapy, Selenium,bs4,requests,xpath,apis and more.

Welcome to the Web Scraping Mastery: 100 Projects with Scrapy, Selenium, and More course!

In this project-intensive course, you will embark on a 100 Day journey to master the art of web scraping using Python and its powerful libraries. Each day, you will dive into a new topic and work on exciting projects that will help you develop a solid foundation in web scraping techniques.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn during this course:

Day 1: Introduction to Web Scraping and the Requests Library

  • Make GET and POST requests using the requests library.
  • Inspect the response object and access its content and headers.

Day 2: Introduction to BeautifulSoup and the Parse Tree

  • Create a BeautifulSoup object from HTML or XML content.
  • Navigate the parse tree using tags, attributes, and methods.
  • Access the text and values of the elements.

Day 3: Web Scraping Basics

  • Scrape data from a simple static website using requests and BeautifulSoup.
  • Extract the title, headings, paragraphs, links, images, and tables from the website.

Day 4: Web Scraping with CSS Selectors

  • Use CSS selectors to find elements in the parse tree.
  • Apply CSS selectors using the select() and select_one() methods of BeautifulSoup.

Day 5: Web Scraping with Regular Expressions

  • Search for patterns in text or attributes using regular expressions.
  • Apply regular expressions using the re module and the find_all() method of BeautifulSoup.

Day 6: Web Scraping with Filters

  • Find elements based on their properties or functions using filters.
  • Apply filters using the find_all() and find() methods of BeautifulSoup.

Day 7: Web Scraping with Lambda Functions

  • Create custom filters for finding elements using lambda functions.
  • Apply lambda functions using the find_all() and find() methods of BeautifulSoup.

Day 8: Web Scraping with Pagination

  • Scrape data from multiple pages of a website using pagination.
  • Follow links or parameters indicating the next page using requests and BeautifulSoup.

Day 9: Web Scraping with JavaScript

  • Scrape data from websites that use JavaScript.To

Day 100:

Throughout this course, you’ll work on various projects that involve scraping data from well-known websites such as Amazon Audible, Twitter, Google, Football Stats, Worldometers, and Movie pages. These projects will provide you with hands-on experience and help you build a portfolio of web scraping projects that you can showcase to potential employers or clients.

Let’s get started.

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