Voiceover Essentials with David Perez Babich

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Voiceover Essentials with David Perez Babich, 23 content-packed lectures with must-know information about voice over from an industry pro since 1997.

Have people been telling you that you have a ‘great voice’?   Or maybe you just have the passion and curiosity to want to get behind the mic and try out this incredibly fun art and profession!  Well, you will find that having a great voice is actually much less important than one other crucial skill:  Acting.  Now I’m not saying your velvety or unique tone couldn’t help – it certainly can 🙂

I’ve been working in voice over since 1997 when I played several roles in Sony Playstation games, including Ashton Anchors in Star Ocean.  Since then I have worked on hundreds of projects as a voice actor, voice director, and instructor.  In fact I have been teaching voice over acting in person and online since 2008.

Many of my previous students are successful, working voice actors, some of whom you have probably heard!

In this class you will learn about:

V.O. Genres, Home Studios, Voice Acting Techniques, Voice Over Demos, The Business of V.O., The ART of V.O.   I’ve taken great care to record GREAT video AND AUDIO, and I’ve even invited a guest student to be directed for one of the sections.

I’ve structured the class in a way that is clear and easy to digest.  I’ve developed this class over the last 15 years and I’m happy to bring it to you in this digital format.

“David’s Intro Voice Over Course is the perfect way to get introduced to the vast and wonderful world of VO. I have taken multiple voice over classes over the years. David’s classes were by far the most in depth and well thought-out.”

– Nathan Hadden, working voice actor

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