Introduction to Television Production Styles

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Introduction to Television Production Styles, Understanding different television productions.

In this course we will get you through different television production styles. Starting with a brief of the differences between television and film productions. Then you will get familiar with single camera production both EFP (Electronic Field Production) and ENG (Electronic News Gathering) as well as multi-camera production (both studio-based and on location). These will be supported with a number of mainstream television production samples with detailed explanations. You will also find out about virtual television studios as well as the latest technology in television production IP OB Productions (IP/internet protocol). Some of the samples of the tutor will be shown at the end of this course.

Some of the topics of these course are as follows:

  • The differences between television and film productions;
  • How and why television needs faster production turnaround;
  • Equipment which helps television production in fast turnarounds;
  • A revision of TV news coverage in the past (film);
  • A revision of news coverage by television;
  • Multi-camera and single camera in television (studio based and outside broadcasting/OB);
  • Pre-recorded programmes vs. live;
  • Different sections of television studio or production truck;
  • A revision of advanced technologies such as ‘virtual studios’ and IP OB Productions (IP/internet protocol).

Hope you enjoy the course. Also please remember to contact us if you have any questions about any part of this course

and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.

Introduction to Television Production Styles
Introduction to Television Production Styles
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