How to Film Online Lessons

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How to Film Online Lessons, Improve the quality of your online video lessons as a musician.

My name’s Harry, and I’ve made online lessons for University Courses, YouTube, Patreon, Instagram, and everything in-between!

This course is aimed at musicians and creatives looking to start in the online teaching space, or even if you’ve started filming videos and want to improve! I’ve had various messages and questions over the years from people who have wanted to ‘up their game’ (they’re words not mine. I’m not cool enough to say that) so I’ve compiled a bunch of things I’ve learnt and how to do it.

In this course, I’ll be going over:
– Picking and Choosing a Camera
– Picking and Choosing Lights
– How to adjust the camera for the best video quality
– Lighting tips behind a drum kit
– Audio and what to buy
– Free and Paid video editing software
– Where to Upload
– Audio presets for good sounding audio in Logic and Premiere Pro
– My personal setup and workflow

My aim is to give you an insight on all of these subjects to help make your own decision on buying equipment and building your knowledge on video courses. The world of video can be very daunting, but my aim is to make it less so.

So with that, I’ll see you in the course!

– Harry

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