Unit Testing For Unity 2022 & C# – Lifetime Access

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Unit Testing For Unity 2022 & C# – Lifetime Access, Learn Unit Testing & Test-Driven-Development (TDD) | Unity-Specific Approach | Sample Projects & C# Source-Code.

Welcome to Unit Testing For Unity!

We all start projects with the best of intentions. But during development we often find our projects do not meet our expectations for organization, scalability, and for our quality of life as developers.

This course gives you the training to create and maintain robust Unity classes and architectures.


  • Rockstar content – Everything you DO need. Just the most relevant, powerful info!
  • Punk-rock editing – Nothing you DON’T need. No “ums”, no waiting, no fluff!


  • Early Bug Detection – Running unit tests after every build helps in identifying any breakage at the earliest possible instance, saving time and resources
  • Refactoring Confidence – With a comprehensive suite of unit tests, developers can refactor code more aggressively and with assurance, knowing tests will reveal any introduced errors
  • Better Design -Writing unit tests forces developers to consider the modularity and structure of their code, often leading to better-designed and more maintainable software


  • Improved Code Quality – TDD encourages simple designs and inspires confidence, as code changes are verified by tests frequently
  • Documentation Benefit – Tests written in TDD can serve as a form of documentation, showing how the system is intended to behave
  • Reduction in Errors – TDD typically results in a lower bug density in production, as tests are written before the code that must pass them


  • After this course you will be confident to design and develop well-designed and tested Unity classes. Learn to write robust C# code that your team will be proud of.


  • Course Introduction – Set the vision and goals for the course. Learn the many benefits of MVC architecture for your projects
  • Unity Overview – Review the popularity and power of Unity as a game engine. Discuss the structure of the systems within and how MVC architecture is a welcome addition
  • Unit Testing Fundamentals – We’ll add the power of Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development ( TDD ). With this training you will naturally produce cleaner, more readable, and manageable code


  • 1. Math System – A simple calculator without a rendered view. This is a great place to learn the fundamentals of testing without the complications of Unity MonoBehaviours or rendered graphics
  • 2. Data Loader Basic – Learn how to handle async/await operations and test for robust results
  • 3. Data Loader Advanced – We create more stability and confidence with C# code refactors
  • 4. Character Basic – A game character that moves with user input. Add Unity MonoBehaviours and rendered graphics to the challenges of testing. Learn to master the challenges
  • 5. Character Advanced – A game character that moves with user input. Learn to test asynchronous methods such as multi-frame movement
  • 6. Character Physics – A game character that uses physics. Learn to isolate dependencies and refactor systems efficiently
  • More!


  • Section Videos – High-quality HD video content covering all course topics
  • Section Source Code– Full C# scripting and complete Unity projects included for download
  • Section Challenge Assignments – Expand your knowledge with practical, relevant coding trials
  • Section Quiz  – Ensure you digested all vital info before moving forward


  • Unity is a versatile game engine which can be used for creating simulations, prototypes, and games
  • Over 70% of the top 1000 mobile games are created using Unity Technology
  • Deploys to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, & Android, WebGL, AR/VR, and more!


  • 1. Accelerate new features – With testing, developers focus on a small batch of code at a time, not moving on to the next bit until they are done with their batch. This gets results
  • 2. Level-up your maintenance – With Test-Driven Development ( TDD ), developers naturally produce cleaner, more readable, and manageable code
  • 3. Fail fast & Communicate clearly –  Get feedback quickly and improve your solutions. Leave a legacy of unit testing in your codebase which will serve as the best, living documentation


  • Sam is a Unity Certified Developer with over 20 years of experience creating games and teaching software design
  • Sam empowers game teams with custom editor tooling for improved workflows ( Game Design, Level Design, 3D Modelers, 3D Animators )
  • Sam is an author and editor, including Adobe, Future Publishing UK, Packt Publishing, and O’Reilly


  • Avoid the common pitfalls with creating, maintaining, and scaling your Unity classes
  • You can’t afford NOT to use Unit Testing and Test-Driven development on your projects
  • Let’s do this!
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