A History of Sex, Gender and Feminist Movements — INTRO

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A History of Sex, Gender and Feminist Movements — INTRO, Learn about the chronology and history of Women’s Rights/Feminism in this literature-based course.

This course is a chronological timeline of women’s rights, discussing the roots of sexism and gender constructs moving all the way up to women in the workforce as of today. The course starts by introducing gender roles in paleolithic society to learn about how cultural practices have stimulated our understanding of history, and then moves onto the first wave discussing women’s suffrage. While Spotlighting famous abolitionists and feminists, the course also aims to provide learners with a comprehensive outlook on literature by analyzing text from feminist such as Mary Wollstencraft. Next, the course moves onto the second wave discussing women’s liberation movements), frequently discussing LGBTQIA+ rights. Finally, the course finishes off with a detailed description of the Riot Grrrl Movement as well as intersectionality and the #MeToo movement (it’s widespread impact as a result of social media).

This course aims to provide an informational landscape for those interested in feminism and women’s rights as well as intersections of race with gender. Information provided in this course goes beyond just history, but is also applicable to gender-based encounters in the workforce, politics and legislation. By understanding the history of gender-based discrimination, we are better able to solve for its root causes whether that be persuasive rhetoric, historic regulation, political polarization, etc.

A History of Sex, Gender and Feminist Movements — INTRO
A History of Sex, Gender and Feminist Movements — INTRO
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