Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Meditation Healing Course

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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Meditation Healing Course, Toxic Relationship, domestic violence, PTSD, trauma therapy, mental health, trauma healing, energy healing, violence.

Narcissistic people stretch your boundaries. They embody a complex superiority and lack of empathy for others. Sometimes the manipulations and control are subtle which you find hard to realize. It is a form of relationship that suffers tremendous stress and distress.

There may be verbal abuses that drag your self-esteem down. There may be emotional abuses through control, manipulations. They impose guilt trips over you if you do not do something that they want. They constantly step over your boundary and disrespect your energies time and values. They tend to deny what they have done and create a story in their head without understanding.

In this course, we will cut ties contracts and obligations in the relationship. We dissolve attachments energetically. So you empower yourself and not be influenced by them. We will have a deep healing meditation to resolve the hurts pains guilt shame that they have imposed on us. We draw a healthy boundary and learn to say no. We teach them to respect us physically mentally and energetically.

In this course, we will

  • Deep emotional healing
  • Move out of comfort zone
  • Empower yourself
  • Know you value
  • Raise self-esteem
  • Draw healthy boundary
  • Love yourself deeply through sleep
  • And much more

Who’s this course for

  • End the narcissistic abuse
  • Find ways to empower themselves
  • Have deep emotional healing
  • Build healthy boundary
  • Take back their power

After this course, you will stay more in your power and center. You will not be easily affected by them. You let go of attachments and own your truth. You value your uniqueness and respect your boundary. You love yourself deeply and build your life based on your judgment

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