A different take on Time Management

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A different take on Time Management, A journey to redefine your perception of Time and change your relationship with it. Now and forever!

TimeĀ  is linear, the clock always ticks. And our relationship with it dates from the moment we were born. Now our relationship with Time, especially as managers, has reached a point where we are not satisfied anymore… always need more, running out of it… Yet Time won’t change its behavior in the relationship. Therefore it is our perception, use, optimization of it that needs to shift. Shifting life-long perceptions and biases, habits is not an easy task. In this course, we will explore 4 concepts to start and engage in this mental transition, to send you on a transformative journey.

These concepts may challenge how you perceive time, how you perceive your job, your task prioritization. And that is OK. We need to be challenges to grow and change our perceptions and our habits.

In the 4 concepts mentioned above we will challenge the To Do list and migrate that to a To Achieve list, which will shift time from a Constraint to a Resource. We will challenge your perception of your role and function in your organization to support this transition. We will discuss the Important vs Urgent matrix in this new light, and we will put a few twists to the 80-20 rule and its application on Time.

Welcome on the Journey!

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