kids first steps in English

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kids first steps in English, teaching kids English step by step.

Dear parents

as parents teachers we are responsible for improving our kids skills

there is no doubt that the preschool is the most significant and enriched education stage

it occupies   an  important position across education

meanwhile it constitute  the solid basis of all other stages

as well as the bridge through which children pass from limitted world of house to preschool atmosphere

including subjects,programmes and social relationships

preschool should satisfy different needs of children including mental,social ,linguistics,all in interesting way

It is pleasure to introduce  the first level of very easy English

in simple way my aim is to develop listening speaking reading and writing skills for the children

in this first level

I introduce letters to kids

letters flash cards

practice writing  letters

simple conversations

what is your name ?my name is——

let us go to the zoo

My body let us play a game

touch your nose

touch your hair

touch your eyes

touch your ears

In my class

In class I find chairs Desk Board pen pencil

pencil cases compass calculators

In class teacher says stand up sit down

open your book  close your book

open your bag close your bag

principles of hand writing  with worksheets to practice writing

simple phonetics

how can we pronounce letters game letters

preschool phonic CA sound

preschool phonic o sound

preschool phonic xyz sound

preschool phonic QK sound

preschool phonic KL sound

preschool phonic Au sound

preschool phonic B sound

preschool phonic E L sound

kids first steps in English
kids first steps in English
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