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DISTRIBUTED OPERATING SYSTEMS, Managing Networks: The world of Distributed Operating Systems.

The increased performance ratio of microprocessor-based workstations compared to traditional mainframe systems, coupled with advancements in networking technologies, has significantly enhanced the appeal of distributed computing systems. While the technical aspects of constructing such systems have long been understood, the primary challenge has historically been the lack of robust distributed operating systems. Fortunately, recent research efforts in both academic and industrial domains have substantially improved our comprehension of fundamental concepts and design considerations in developing distributed operating systems.

The landscape has evolved, with distributed operating systems transitioning from purely academic pursuits to commercially available solutions. This shift has underscored the growing importance for computer science and engineering students to grasp the intricacies of distributed operating systems. Consequently, numerous universities now offer dedicated courses on this subject at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Even foundational operating systems courses at the undergraduate level now integrate principles and concepts from distributed operating systems.

However, despite this progress, there remains a dearth of comprehensive textbooks that systematically introduce distributed operating systems. With only a handful of recent publications available, the majority of existing texts in this domain are specialized research papers. As a result, both educators and students encounter challenges in obtaining a cohesive understanding of distributed operating systems efficiently. Likewise, computer professionals and budding researchers seeking a broad overview struggle to find suitable resources for their exploration of the research and design aspects in this field.

Driven by these considerations, I embarked on research endeavors aimed at creating a comprehensive textbook on distributed operating systems. My foremost goal was to offer a concise yet comprehensive depiction of the current state-of-the-art in distributed operating systems, enabling readers to acquire adequate foundational knowledge necessary to delve into advanced materials in this domain.

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