Tableau Tutorial for Complete Beginners 2023

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Tableau Tutorial for Complete Beginners 2023, From Raw Data to Compelling Visual Stories with Tableau Desktop.

Welcome to the Getting to Know¬†Tableau Desktop course! Designed to transform beginners into proficient users, this course dives deep into the essentials of data visualization using Tableau Desktop. Whether you’re a data enthusiast, business analyst, or someone looking to harness the power of data visualization, this course is tailor-made for you.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Introduction to Tableau Desktop:
    • Overview of Tableau architecture and components.
    • Setting up and navigating the Tableau Desktop environment.
  2. Loading Data into Tableau:
    • Importing data from various sources (Excel, SQL, cloud platforms, etc.).
    • Understanding data types and formats in Tableau.
  3. Data Preparation and Cleaning:
    • Handling missing values and outliers.
    • Filtering and sorting data to enhance your visualizations.
  4. Joining and Unifying Data:
    • Combining multiple data sources using joins (inner, left, right, and outer).
    • Unifying data with unions for seamless visualization.
  5. Basic Visualization Techniques:
    • Building foundational charts.
    • Enhancing visuals with colors, sizes, and labels.
  6. Advanced Visualization Techniques:
    • Delving into advanced charts like heatmaps

    Calculations and Data Analysis:

    • Creating calculated fields to derive new insights.
    • Using Tableau Windows functions.
    • Implementing aggregations and understanding their impact on visuals.
  7. Building Interactive Dashboards:
    • Assembling multiple visuals into a cohesive dashboard.
    • Create filters to control the dashboard user experience with ease.
    • Create a detailed background with different visual layers.
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