Service Parts Supply Chains: An Introduction.

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Service Parts Supply Chains: An Introduction., Key concepts behind the service preparation, delivery and operations, and management of service parts supply chains.

Spare parts have been around since humans invented things that break and need to be replaced. Service parts supply chains deliver spare parts management as a service. They are an integral part of any hardware based operation, regardless of the industry in question, that do not always get the attention they deserve. Service Parts must be delivered to the customer, and faulty units must often be returned in order to be repaired or otherwise processed. Therefore this area of Supply Chain Management is especially fascinating as it faces challenges from a forward as well as a reverse logistics perspective.

In this course you will learn the basic operational principles of service parts supply chains:

  • What they are, their key functions, and how they fit into supply chains in general.
  • The drivers behind the decision to outsource service parts to an external service provider.
  • The main steps involved in preparing for the delivery of the service, from contract analysis, to logistic design, through to system modeling and inventory dimensioning.
  • The approach to service implementation and how service delivery and operations works, including order intake, warehousing and distribution, and repair.
  • How to go about managing a service parts supply chain, covering strategy, demand and supply integration, or cost management.
  • A glimpse into the new technologies that are already making their way into service parts supply chains around the world.


The course includes three .pdf files with an overview of service preparation, service delivery and operations, and managing the service parts supply chain. You can download these files for your archives, and to keep the big picture in mind as we explore each section.

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