Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance for Martial Arts

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Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance for Martial Arts, Learn how to get stronger, become more flexible, and have better stamina through exercises used for martial arts.

Are you currently training in martial arts?  Are you thinking about starting but are concerned you aren’t in shape?  Are you interested in getting into great shape just like the martial artists you see?  Well, then you are in luck!  This short introductory course will help you increase your endurance, flexibility, and strength using martial arts methods and exercises.  Using only your body weight, you will learn separate workout routines for stamina, increasing total body strength, and better flexibility.  This course is a great way to get the ball rolling whether you are taking more online karate courses or are preparing to start live in-person training a karate studio.  This course is a great supplement to your technical martial arts training and can be used as a stand alone workout when traveling or at home.  The best part?  It’s completely free!  No prior experience in martial arts or fitness required.  No training partner needed.  The only thing you need is an open workout space free from distractions.

Training in martial arts is one of those few activities that require the entire body. Not only is the entire body utilized, but strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility, and timing are also required.

Because of this, many adults are hesitant to start martial arts training, especially if they have lived a relatively sedentary lifestyle for many years.

In this video training lesson, I introduce you to a strength and endurance routine I developed for my black belt students. There are different levels and no equipment is required. I also go through a stretching routine designed to make flexibility gains, not just to warmup or cool down.

If you have never done martial arts but are interested in starting, this routine will help you get used to training the entire body. If you currently train, this training lesson will help you get stronger and more flexible, making you a better martial artist regardless of specific style.

Course is taught by Master Steven Elmore, 5th Dan in Tang Soo Do who has taught several Regional and World Champion Tang Soo Do fighters.  Master Elmore is not the most gifted athlete but has had success in sparring competition both as a competitor and a coach using the methods outlined in this course.

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