Death and Immortality; A Scientific & Spiritual Perspective

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Death and Immortality; A Scientific & Spiritual Perspective, Discovering Immortality: An Experiential Journey Through Death and Beyond.

Have you ever wondered about the true nature of life and death? Have you ever experienced a sense of timelessness or felt a profound connection to something beyond yourself? Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one or helping someone who is?  If so, this course is for you.

In this course, you will learn how to gain a new awareness of Oneness that goes beyond all ideas of God, death, and immortality that have been inserted into your mind since birth. This course is not bound by any religious ideology but integrates over 50 years of research and experience integrating the beliefs and practices of dozens of cultures in Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe.

Dr. Sheen helps you reexamine the emotionally laced concept that has been placed in your mind by others, often at deeply emotional times when you were unknowingly in a receptive hypnotic state. He takes you on experiential journeys to help you experience the state of knowing that we are beings of Light/Spirit that is pure, accessible, and forever

In this course, you will be challenged intellectually if you are identified with specific ideas about who and what you are authentically. Your doubt or resistance is to be expected, for this is how the ego functions. However, you will be guided with special hypnosis techniques to help you experience a clear mind and open heart.

This course is designed for anyone interested in expanding their horizon and learning more about the true nature of life and death. No previous altered consciousness experience is required, just a willingness to think differently and a commitment to the process of experiential learning.

Enroll now and embark on a journey of self-discovery that will change how you see the world and yourself.

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