The SoulFire Awakening

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The SoulFire Awakening, Energetic Moving Meditation to reactivate your Light Body.

Join Soulfire as she takes you through a journey to ignite your soul’s fire with this empowering, revolutionary and dynamic moving meditation that is based on sacred numerology and new spiritual technology. The SoulFire Awakening is her signature moving meditation -the first one of the series- that was given to her from her guides (on high) to assist humanity ascend during this momentous time on Gaia. Birthed from the space of shadow into the reemergence of light, the SoulFire Awakening represents the movement to the words of her inspirational memoir: Fearless Freedom Becoming SoulFire. It is a simple yet powerful and purposeful sequence using a new rebirthing breathing technique along with uncomplicated poses that will help you realign, reenergize, refocus, rebalance and reactivate your health and vibration to your divine light body. You light body is your true essence. Disease, illness and sickness cannot live in the light body. By allowing yourself to immerse all of you within your sacred breath you will release, regenerate, and revitalize the purity of your being and help you rediscover the rootedness within your own being and home within your heart. Soulfire offers you the gift of exploring and discovering the multidimensionality of your Being through this Energetic Guided Moving Meditation that invokes the breath of light and connects you deeper into your Majesty.  Awaken to your divine magnificence and be free!

The SoulFire Awakening
The SoulFire Awakening
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