Become Software Tester – A Complete Learning path to be a QA

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Become Software Tester – A Complete Learning path to be a QA, Learn about software testing or QA ,How to get started, where to learn & what to learn, How to Start a new career as QA.

Course to Understand Software Testing as a Career Option !!

This Course will provide you quick introduction to the field of Software Testing or Software QA.

– Best For Beginner Course

Where You will understand how software Testing is done in real time with live Demo!!

If you are a beginner – Just go a head and watch ^

(This is an introductory Session to have basic idea how software testing jobs are done & How one can start his career)

Software testing is a great field for one to start a new career. We all know our lives are being dependent on the software in every aspect.We are surrounding with software & technology everywhere. Which mean so much software is being build and which means everything that gets build must be tested. This is a very good indication that software testing has amazing potential as a career. If you want a career in the software world then software testing is one of the easiest ways to get started in the field.

Manual testing and automation testing both are in high demand. This course will teach you how to get started in manual testing and automation testing as well as where to get the knowledge. What topics you need to learn.

You will be able to understand How manual and Automation Testing is done with Live Demo.

The course will provide clear picture why QA career is such a respected and professional career. I have cover what the roles and responsibilities of a software testers are and try to motivate you to start a career in this exciting field of software testing or software QA.

How This Course is Structured:

  • Best for Beginners – Assumed Like You are a Beginners to Software /IT.
  • Covered the Software Testing Scope & how one can start his/her career.
  • Listed all the topics – So that one can learn from anywhere
  • Guided how to learn and from where you can start & what other tools you need to know.
  • I will be very supportive throughout this course and you can always reach out to me over email & I will do all possible support.

Last but not least Just for your information – this covered basic high level overview of Software testing.

All the Very Best

Pankaj Gupta.

Become Software Tester – A Complete Learning path to be a QA
Become Software Tester – A Complete Learning path to be a QA
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