Soft Skills Foundations

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Soft Skills Foundations, Details about soft skills.

The world and workforce have been changing rapidly. Now more than ever, today’s employers are after more than technical ability or hard skills; they are looking for real team players who have strong interpersonal communication skills and who demonstrate resourcefulness and leadership in the workplace.

A college degree and or past-experience no longer guarantees you a successful career. Transitional skills, also known as soft skills, are also now required — indeed, are often more highly desired — across all industries. In fact, organizations and companies are now actively recruiting candidates without traditional academic qualifications, preferring to hire for attitude and train for aptitude. Becoming the best and most attractive employee you can be starts with becoming the best and most attractive person you can be.

Working and playing nice with others and being a nice person — using soft skills — doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but you can acquire these skills. The problem is knowing where to do that. Many universities, colleges, and schools don’t teach them, and employers often don’t have time to train their employees in them.

This course is specifically designed to help you prepare to enter or reenter the workforce by providing a comprehensive guide to the essential employability traits and soft skills needed for success in the 21st century workplace.

This course’s goal is to help you cultivate the essential personal attributes attractive to future employers: attitude, character, communication, cultural awareness, appearance and etiquette, time management, teamwork, work ethic, critical thinking, and leadership.

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