Salesforce CRM Fundamentals

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Salesforce CRM Fundamentals, Take your first step into CRM world and Salesforce ecosystem and gain confidence to navigate into Salesforce.

Welcome to my FREE Salesforce Fundamentals Course, designed for anyone eager to embark on their CRM and Salesforce journey. While this course serves as an introduction, within just under 2 hours, you will acquire a wealth of knowledge that will provide you with a significant advantage when you decide to delve into more advanced, paid Salesforce courses. I’ve designed this course to tackle fundamental concepts that often pose challenges for learners as they begin their Salesforce learning journey.

In this course you will learn:

1. What is Salesforce?

2. How it is being used by various industries?

3. What are different Salesforce Career paths and Job Roles?

4. How to setup up your FREE Salesforce account?

5. How to Login and Navigate into Salesforce CRM end user area?

6. How to Login and Navigate into Salesforce Setup area and configure some basic settings?

Either you are an experienced IT Professional OR Non-IT person, this course will give you some key points about Salesforce and CRM world.

Either you want to become a Salesforce Developer, Admin, Consultant or Architect in the future and seeking some basic knowledge about Salesforce, you will find value in this course.

Get ready for a rewarding learning experience!

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