Working with Data in Apex – Part 1

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Working with Data in Apex – Part 1, Using SObject and SOQL.

This is a beginner-level course for Programming in Apex. This course is Part 1 of the “Working with Data in Apex” Course.

This course provides a theoretical explanation of each concept and a detailed practical explanation of each topic.

The resource provided with each video provides the slides used in the video for revision along with screenshots of the practical explanation of the topics for proper review. It contains 16 practice exercise questions, solutions for adequate practice, and an understanding evaluation.

This course is for anyone who

  • is preparing for the Salesforce Developer Interview.
  • wants to start their career as a Salesforce Developer.
  • are Salesforce Admin and Enhance their skills in Salesforce Development.
  • to get started with Programming in Apex.
  • to work with Salesforce Data in Apex.

Before proceeding with this code one should complete the –

  • Apex Programming: Level-1 Course.
  • Apex Programming: Level-2 Course.
  • Apex Programming: Level-3 Course.
  • Apex Programming: Level-4 Course.
  • Apex Programming: Level-5 (Part I) Course.
  • Apex Programming: Level-5 (Part II) Course.

Topics Covered in this course are –

  • Using sObject
  • Generic sObject
  • Accessing Fields
  • Collection of sObjects
  • Introduction to SOQL
  • WHERE Clause in SOQL
  • Operators with¬†WHERE¬†Clause
  • Date Literals for SOQL
  • Relationship Queries

This course will provide you with –

  • Explanation in more straightforward terms, hence easier to understand even for beginners.
  • Proper explanation of the concepts for better understanding.
  • Practical usage of the concepts for better implementation.
  • Practice exercises for self-evaluation.
  • Better preparation for interviews.
  • Discussion on various points of caution.
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