Professional Diploma in Omnichannel Sales&Service Management

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Professional Diploma in Omnichannel Sales&Service Management, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Apple, Wechat, Web, Bots and Chats Usage at Sales, Service, Digital Marketing.

Welcome to course:  Professional Diploma in Omnichannel Sales & Service Management with AI & Chat Bots

You will know about: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Apple, Wechat, Web, Bots and Chats Usage at Sales, Service, Digital Marketing

Course provided by: The Retail Banking School, Lisbon, global banking, fintech and business school.

Course Instructor: SLAVA POPKOV, Experienced Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-founder of Brandy. im
Modern customer communications expert.

After finishing of a course you will get: Double Diploma (UDEMY & RBS), Access to Interactive session and chat with Instructor and other students, ability to consider your real business and work questions and cases.

Course Plan:

1. About the coursre, topic and author

2. From calls to texting. Why digital channels become vital for literally any b2c business?

3. Introduction to the world of chatbots

4. AI chatbots: what they can and can’t do

5. Best practices: contact center

6. Best practices: ads, sales, loyalty and more

7. The most popular apps pt1: whatsapp, facebook, instagram

8. The most popular apps pt2: telegram, apple messages, wechat

9. Livechat: messaging on a company’s website

10. An Ideal customer journey framework

11. Interactive Session and Part

Course Author:


Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-founder of Brandy. im
Modern customer communications expert


• Master of Applied Mathematics and computer science, The Saint-Petersburg State University


• Serial entrepreneur with 12 years various business experience: founder of several companies: from local manufacture to b2b-SaaS startup

• Founder of Brandy. im – official message service provider of Apple Messages for business

• Experience of projects with global worldwide companies and banks

• Multiple Startup award winner

Course Full Description and Welcome Letter:

Hello everyone and welcome to the online-course created for any current or potential corporate managers from junior to executive level, that will make you stand out from the others.

This course might become your first step to acquire skill set, knowledges and maybe even a whole new profession, that is appearing right now. Learning it today, gives you advantages tomorrow!

I’m talking about digital transformation. In terms of customer communications in basically any meduim or big enterprises. And for small businesses, the most succesfull ones, they are already doing it in a modern way from the first day.

This transformation – it is a moving away from old way of communications, like phone calls, email, or even fax – to new way – whatsapp, facebook messenger, instagram direct messages, telegram – any messaging apps that people are using in their everyday life. And now they are starting to usу it to talk to businesses. To chat with an online store, with a bank, medical clinic – with any organization out there.

And here lies the opportunity!

All of these companies need employees or contractors who understand how to make this shift, this transition. New channels on the one hand bring a lot of new possibilities, such as chatbots and artificial intelligence, and on the other hand, require a rebuilding of current business workflows.

For example agent’s KPI in a contact centre based on whatsapp, is very different from a voice-based CC. And somebody need to know how to deal with it.

But the contact center is not the only place where apps like whatsapp are taking over. It affects pretty much every customer related departpent: sales, marketing and loyalty, support, customer experience, automation and online services.

So, Whether you plan to tie your career or business entirely to this feild, this knowledge will help you achieve your professional goals in a variety of ways. Because communication – is the essential part of business.

I started this journey seven years ago, when it was hardly even existed. Since then, I have worked with some of the world’s biggest clients, such as Societe Generale, British american tobacco and others. Now I’m a founder of a startup called brandy. im

I invite you to my course where you will learn the basics about communications of the future. Welcome!

Before we start I want to give a quick intro of myself and also let’s take a look on the course plan.

So without further ado, here is what we will discuss

The course consists of 2 parts:

In a first one, everything down lesson 4, we are talking about the key benefits for business in general.

And then learning the basics of chatbots and AI.

The second part is becoming more specific.

We will see how exactly it implies to different departments. Discuss business application of particular messaging channels.

And with all of that we are getting ready to meet the main framework –

of ideal customer journey in modern channels. Which will be useful tool to any of your further projects.

And briefly about me.

You can call me Slava. For a last 7 years I’ve been running chat platform startup. For these years we made a lot of stuff, worked with some worldwide clients.

We have become official provider of apple messages for business. Not sure if this is my most significant achievement, but personally, the most pleasant one. A chance to work directly with apple team is really cool

and I have been honoured to become one of the business experts at the Retail banking school, where we are right now.

Feel free to connect or ask me anything on linkedin.

And, let’s jump in!

So I hope this online course will be a good start on mastering this new world of digital communications and happier customers

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Professional Diploma in Omnichannel Sales&Service Management
Professional Diploma in Omnichannel Sales&Service Management
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