Rust Programming Crash Course for Beginners (Part 2/3)

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Rust Programming Crash Course for Beginners (Part 2/3), A beginners guide to Rust programming.

Join Space Systems Programming Engineer and Cambridge Mathematics Graduate, Ellie Sleightholm, for a fun, engaging and guided beginner tutorial series of the programming language, Rust!


This free course is made up of 3 parts. This course allows you to learn the fundamental aspects of Rust through guided and well-explained videos, targeted exercises and projects for each aspect of the programming language. This course has everything you need to get started programming and creating projects in Rust. To begin with, you’ll learn why Rust is such a prominent and popular programming language to learn in 2023. The course then walks you through downloading, installing and creating a nice set up. From here, the basics of the programming language are taught including cargo tools, variables, constants, shadowing, data types, functions and much more. Finally, the more advances aspects of Rust are taught. That is, enums and structs which are the building blocks to Rust. The exercises are then designed to test yourself on what you’ve learnt!

It’s no surprise that Rust was voted the most loved programming languages in 2022 and has been for seven consecutive years! Rust actually tied with Python as the most wanted technology in 2022. Rust is an awesome programming language and is heavily sought after in the world of tech. Join this course and learn all about the wonders of Rust!

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