How to write an introduction section

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How to write an introduction section, to your research paper, thesis/dissertation, and proposal.

Introduction is an important section of your research, whether it is a proposal, thesis/dissertation or a paper to be published by a journal/conference. It is important in that it sets the scene for the rest of your text, in that it puts your piece of scientific info in the big picture (better to say, in the puzzle), in that it convinces the decision-makers (editorial board or conference officials), on the one hand, that your work is worthy of consideration, and readers, on the other hand, that your work merits their time and effort to go through and cite it in their research. If you convince the decision-makers, your work will be published, and if it is published and you can convince the readers, then they will cite your work and improve your H-index, and its improvement, in turn, promotes your to a higher rank as a, say, professor. This course is planning to help you write introduction in the best way possible so that you can kill the two above-mentioned birds in a single shot.

The instructor is, BTW, the author of a book series on ‘how to write academic research papers’ published by Amazon. The course is being updated regularly.

How to write an introduction section
How to write an introduction section
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