Use Remote Viewing to Find Missing Things, Pets & People

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Use Remote Viewing to Find Missing Things, Pets & People, Harness your own intuition, clairvoyance, psychometry, & energy healing to help yourself & others!

You will be amazed at how easy it is to utilize your own intuitive powers to locate missing objects & pets! This may be the most impactful 90 minutes of video you have ever interacted with! Through easy-to-follow video instructions, guided exercises, and fun assignments taught by a leading remote viewer and clairvoyant practitioner, teacher, author, and professional, you will discover how to apply your own intuitive gifts that you may not even have realized you had!  You will learn by doing! Still, there are challenges to using intuition to find that which is lost –  especially when it comes to pets and people who may change locations rapidly. No worries though –  these are addressed through fascinating examples and loads of troubleshooting tips. You will also learn more about how to visualize and work with energy to harness the objects you are looking for, and in the process release whatever may be in the way of you actually being able to find the object in the first place. If you never imagined you would be able to call upon your own intuitive gifts at will, or didn’t know how to apply them to finding missing items, this course will help you to reimagine and redefine your own intuitive potential. It will help you to see how your own gifts have real-life and practical applications. Most importantly, you will come to understand how you may really have more power to help your own family and friends in their greatest times of need and apply that knowledge in simple and easy ways. This is not to say you will always be able to find everything you look for intuitively – those limitations will be discussed candidly in the course – but if you can be successful at least some of the time – how would it not be worth your time to learn?

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