Redux course the beginners guide

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Redux course the beginners guide, A beginner’s missing manual.

Redux is a tricky library to master, especially if you are a beginner. With React , Redux is the most popular state management library that is paired with, and there is no better time to learn redux that now! With the highest number of jobs and opportunities, skyrocket your career by adding redux to your arsenal, and glide through interviews and its preparation. be ready for hands on exams or that new project that you wish to get into.

You always wanted to learn redux, but the documentation is too lengthy or find it hard to swim through?

You ever wished if someone can just explain the concept and the fundamentals behind those, instead of writing just code?

You wanted a simple, to the point course that you can finish in a weekend or two?

Look no further!

I understand that pain, because I have been through it too. And that is why I created this course. Initially created as documentations for myself, later I decided to put all those notes and explanations into a video format to help others like you!

In this course, we learn the concepts, fundamentals and implementation of redux and its associated packages.

The focus of the course is not building full fledged application, but to explore all relevant redux concepts in the least amount of code & learning the concepts in isolation. That way, students get to understand the concept in isolation. From diagrams, analogies , examples we make use of everything to convey the concept in every possible way.

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