Candidate Experience in Industry 4.0

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Candidate Experience in Industry 4.0, Creating an engaging Candidate eXperience for attracting top talent in Industry 4.0.

The definition of candidate experience is the impression a job seeker has of a potential employer based on their interactions during the whole hiring process. This covers all points of interaction during the hiring process, such as job searching, application review, interviewing, and onboarding.

In other words, any plan for improving the candidate experience requires an assessment of every moment at which a candidate interacts with a potential employer during the hiring process, as well as the candidate’s perceptions of those interactions.

Creating a positive candidate experience is a business imperative with wide-ranging consequences. The current state of recruitment leaves no room for businesses to provide a bad candidate experience. The company will lose out on top talent and damage the company’s reputation as a potential employer if a candidate went through a negative experience.

With the advancement of technology, candidates also expect a clear, convenient result oriented while communication is becoming the key to the whole process.

On career websites like Glassdoor, candidates frequently complain about their interviewing experiences. These reviews can make other potential candidates decide not to consider applying to the organization.

It’s not too late if every recruiter now starts to be concerned about the importance of Candidate experience and its impact on the bottom line. The most important thing is our plan as a recruiter in improving our recruitment process and increase the candidate experience.

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