The Recruiter’s Guide for Fast Career Growth

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The Recruiter’s Guide for Fast Career Growth, Learn the tricks, tips and nuance of the recruiting industry.

This is the perfect course for anyone who has begun their recruiting career in the 2020s or plans to begin their recruiting or HR Generalist career soon!

The Recruiter’s Guide for Fast Career Growth is a comprehensive introduction course which covers the most important things to know in your first few years of recruiting. The information which I discuss is immediately actionable as you will learn about the different recruiting environments which can maximize your income AND provide the best employee experience for you personally!

I also discuss strategies for ensuring you provide a positive experience to all your candidates, hiring managers and stakeholders. Furthermore, I cover methods for analyzing recruiting programs of jobs you may be interviewing with or currently working in so that you can avoid layoffs AND learn to make better recruiting program recommendations! Lastly, this course covers recruiting tools and project management and, how AI and automation are impacting the recruiting industry.

At the end of the course there is additional content which discusses quotes, phrases and theories that I have found helpful throughout my recruiting career and I felt that including this material provided more value to the training.

I hope you enjoy the course!

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