The Intelligent Real Estate Investor

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The Intelligent Real Estate Investor, A game-changing course that draws upon principles of economics, real estate development, finance and valuation technique.

This is a short course that teaches you to think strategically as a real estate investor. The course draws upon principles of economics, real estate development, finance and valuation techniques. It will inspire you to look at real estate differently at a high level in order to spot trends and identify cycles. This is quite a short course that touches quite many technical topics so it does not deep dive into many technical aspects but teach you to think holistically and strategically as a real estate investor or developer. You will learn about real estate as an asset class in a macro economic context, urban economics and land use, demand and supply analysis, real estate cycle, development processes and risk, conducting financial feasibility analysis, real estate finance principles, valuation methodologies and more. This course is a lot more than a technical course since there are already many courses teaching the technical aspects of real estate finance and investment. Real estate finance and investment is a very technical topic that can take years to learn. What this course aims to teach is to dissect the underlying principles of real estate finance, investment and valuation. For example, rather than simply teaching the formulas to value real estate assets, the course deep dives into the underlying economic principles behind the formula, the thought process of behind the appraisal methodology. One of the core topics of the course is the property market cycle, the relationship between property and economic cycle and what indicators to look for when analysing property cycle. Rather than looking at the surface of each event, the course inspires you to dig deep into why things are the way they are- e.g the course answers questions such as why property prices in overheated market such as London remain sticky and developers refuse to reduce prices even when all the evidence point towards a market downturn. The course teaches you to be an insightful, deep, strategic thinker and intelligent investor.

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