Advanced React: Design System, Design Patterns, Performance

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Advanced React: Design System, Design Patterns, Performance, Become Senior in React JS by Gaining in-depth expertise in Design Systems, Design Patterns and Performance Optimization.

Hi, welcome to this course, on Advanced React Concepts. If you are exploring this course, chances are high that you’re a React developer looking to level up you’re their skill. In this case, You are in the right place.

In this course, we touch on unique topics in three main modules, design systems, design patterns and performance optimization.

Now if you wonder why these topics? the answer is quite simple because that is how expert developers manage enterprise-level front-end projects.

If you are a junior or intermediate developer then you will need to master these topics to consider yourself as a senior developer and become ready to apply for senior positions.

All the materials of this course are based on years of experience working on several React projects and every single concept comes with concrete examples.

All the topics are presented practically so you can apply everything in your day-to-day projects right after.

In the first module, you will learn all about design systems. Managing large-scale projects is not just about coding components. Developing endless components without losing track requires solid design systems to guarantee the reusability and amenability of every element of the project. We will walk you through the concepts and theory, then we develop components in Figma and finally, we build an extensible foundation of design in ReactJS. So you build a mindset of how to design and develop a design system

Then we discuss design patterns.

As a senior software developer, I have identified the topics covered in this module as crucial elements that I seek when interviewing React developer candidates. These patterns can help bridge the gap between being a junior or intermediate developer and becoming a senior React practitioner.

By finishing this part, you’ll have the opportunity to explore React’s most essential design patterns.

Last but not least, we get to the optimization part. A very serious concept in React. A poorly optimized application with unwanted renders can sink the whole project. But the good news is that optimizing React apps is very easy and sweet. In this module, we will be working on a demo project that suffers from performance issues such as wasted renders and expensive operations. At the end of this module, You will know how to troubleshoot and fix most performance issues in React applications.

So long story short, if you wish to tackle all these interesting topics and bring your skills to the next level, then join me in this course!

This course will be under continues progress and more modules will be added based on the feedbacks and the technology evolution.

Advanced React: Design System, Design Patterns, Performance
Advanced React: Design System, Design Patterns, Performance
Free $19.99
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