PTE Academic Speaking Prep (Extra Tips for Asian Speakers)

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PTE Academic Speaking Prep (Extra Tips for Asian Speakers), Everything you need to score 79+ in PTE Speaking (clear, test-proven techniques, tips, templates & practice materials).

The PTE Academic speaking section is a challenging business for many people. However, when you properly understand the questions and implement the correct strategies, getting your desired score (65+, 79+, or 90) becomes a matter of practice. By the end of this course, you will have received everything you need to ace the PTE speaking section in one central place, presented in a very clear, direct, and organized manner.

What this course includes:

  • Recommendations for ALL PTE learners for better pronunciation and oral fluency by examining foundational speaking elements, including sentence and word stress, intonation, consonant clusters, dark L, natural pauses, reading pace, etc.
  • Practical tips for better pronunciation and oral fluency tailored to speakers of Mandarin, Hindi, and other languages spoken in Asia (Indonesian, Bengali, Nepali, Punjabi, Filipino, Vietnamese, Tamil, Urdu, etc.)
  • Explanation of the scoring criteria for each question
  • Proven strategies for approaching each question type in the Speaking section
  • Question-specific HACKS for beating the scoring algorithm
  • Simple, easy-to-memorize templates that actually work (for DI and RL)
  • Practice lectures after each video lecture
  • Extra practice resources (hand-picked frequently repeated PTE questions) with complete answers and explanations
  • A sectional speaking section mock test (with answers)
  • Recommendations for best monthly predictions
  • A Speaking Wrap-Up lecture containing exam-day tips

Your current English level

The techniques you will learn work for individuals with all levels of English. If you are currently struggling with English, I promise you that these techniques will make you approach the exam with more confidence. On the other hand, if you are a native speaker or have an advanced level of English, I promise you that you are going to benefit from this course as well.

Who is this course not for?

This course is not for learners who might enroll in it based on the assumption that it is a general English course. It is not. The techniques and hacks that you will learn here are PTE-specific. That’s because we’re going to ethically exploit the fact that the PTE is a computer-scored test with no human interference. As such, these techniques might not work in any other test. However, the foundational lectures, in which we examine the aspects of pronunciation and oral fluency, are relevant for all language learners.

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