Risks Management Professional Course(12 PDUs, PMI RMP – PMP)

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Risks Management Professional Course(12 PDUs, PMI RMP – PMP), PMI Project Risk Management RMP Certification Program Course. Practical, easy to follow Use Case Project. PMBOK 7. 2024.

Welcome to the Comprehensive Project Risk Management Course!

Unlock the secrets of successful project delivery with this Project Risk Management course, meticulously crafted from years of hands-on experience managing projects for industry giants like Oracle, Magna, SAP, Gazprom, FIS, EFES, and more.

This Project Management course is made based on my extensive experience in major global corporations like Oracle, Magna, SAP, Gazprom, FIS, EFES and many more.

This Project Risk Management course covers standard Project Risk Management methodology as defined by PMI standard for Risk Management. It is however, designed to be practical as well as theoretical. So it follows logical flow of Project Risk Management during the project delivery. Upon successful finish of this course you will earn 12 PMI PDUs – for PMI PMP RMP renewal, as well as for other PMI certifications.

Significant part of this Project Risk Management course is focused on strategic Project Risk Management. This type of Project Risk Management, based on my experience, is done exclusively in big, multinational corporations, with Global PMO in place and even with a Risk Management Office (Oracle,SAP, Accenture and IBM…)

You will learn how to manage Project risks, how to define project complexity level and project exposure to risk. You will gain a deep understanding of these concepts and how and why it is used in major global corporations. As course progresses, you will learn about contracting and importance of your engagement as a Project Manager during the contract negotiations. Knowing and understanding contracting is highly beneficial knowledge to have a Project Manager as it is a major differentiator between average and top class project manager.

You will then learn how to conduct negotiations as a Project Manager and how to secure project success and minimize project risk exposure using proven negotiation tactics and strategies. You will be able to negotiate towards avoidance of major red flags and possible pitfalls before the project even start. You will be confident and competent negotiator because you will know exactly what you need, what is important and how to influence decision makers to accept your approach and strategy for project delivery.

After you finish this Project Risk Management training your overview on the projects will change and shift towards more strategic oversight and planning. You will be able to see the bigger picture, look further in future to anticipate and prevent risks that could impact project success. With your insights and viewpoints, you will definitely bring immediate value to the organization you work in. You will be able to manage several projects at the same time with less stress as you will define project risks upfront and make optimal decision on how to deal with them. You will be able to manage multiple partnership/vendors/subcontractors as well.

You will be better in project negotiations as you will know what you need to negotiate in order to secure project success. You will have a deeper understanding of needs and wants from Key Stakeholders on your projects and how to influence them in making decisions that will support success for your project. You will be able to provide support to your less experienced fellow project managers. And many more improvements, even in your private life, as you will manage your life goals in a much better way.

This Project Risk Management course will set you apart from the average project manager and the correct use of the tools and techniques learned here will make you a highly valuable employee in your organization and increase your chance of career advancement.

And some time after the training, when you deliver several projects with the knowledge you gained in this training, you will most probably move on to either projects with high strategic value as you will be recognized as “the one who delivers”, or you will move on to the higher project management positions. You can plan career move to Business Development, Portfolio Management, PMO or Solution Delivery Management Field.

This Project Risk Management course is intended for Project Managers with some experience in managing projects, but it is not mandatory as I explain all of the concepts in detail. However, basic knowledge of project management theory is highly desired. I use concepts like WBS, Network diagram, Schedule without detailed explanation what they are.

Key Highlights:

  • Practical & Theoretical Approach: Our course seamlessly blends theory with real-world practicality, following the logical flow of Project Risk Management throughout project delivery.
  • PMI Certification Ready: Successfully complete the course and earn 12 PMI PDUs, applicable to PMP and RMP renewals, as well as other PMI certifications.
  • Strategic Focus: Delve into the strategic aspects of Project Risk Management, a crucial skill employed exclusively by major multinational corporations with Global PMOs and dedicated Risk Management Offices.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Risk Management Mastery: Learn to manage project risks, assess project complexity, and understand project exposure to risk.
  • Contracting Expertise: Acquire valuable knowledge on contracting and enhance your engagement as a Project Manager during negotiations.
  • Negotiation Skills: Develop the art of negotiation, securing project success, and minimizing risk exposure using proven tactics and strategies.
  • Strategic Oversight: Shift your perspective towards strategic oversight and planning, anticipating and preventing risks that could impact project success.

Career Advancements Await:

  • Immediate Value Addition: Bring immediate value to your organization with insights and viewpoints gained from strategic Project Risk Management.
  • Enhanced Project Management Skills: Manage multiple projects, partnerships, vendors, and subcontractors with confidence and efficiency.
  • Negotiation Mastery: Negotiate with confidence, understanding the needs and wants of key stakeholders for successful project outcomes.

Your Journey Towards Excellence:

  • For Experienced Project Managers: Perfect for seasoned Project Managers looking to elevate their skills, though basic project management knowledge is beneficial.
  • Career Growth: Stand out from the crowd and position yourself for career advancement in Business Development, Portfolio Management, PMO, or Solution Delivery Management.

Unlock new possibilities in project management. Enroll to my Project Risk Management course and set yourself for success in the Project Management career!

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