Business Strategy Step-by-Step: Monetization and Pricing

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Business Strategy Step-by-Step: Monetization and Pricing, A step by step guide to develop a monetization strategy, optimize prices, and maximize your business profits.

How do you make the most money from your business strategy and product portfolio? How do leading companies select their price models, set their prices, and run promotions to maximize their business value?

In this course, I take the guesswork out of your monetization and pricing strategy by giving you a detailed step by step methodology that you can revisit again and again to make sure your approach to monetization and pricing is comprehensive, thoughtful, and optimal. In just over an hour, I’ll guide you through a straightforward approach that you can immediately apply to 1) design your monetization strategy; 2) identify a price model; 3) value your product; 5) set standard prices; 5) test and analyze; 6) promote and optimize.

Upon completion, you will understand how to use Business Principles, Segmentation, Price Discrimination, Price Models, Packaging Options, Research Techniques, Price Elasticity, Loss Leaders, Psychological price points, promotions, and Custom Deals to increase business value.

To support both beginners and advanced learners, this course introduces the terms and techniques simply and in plain English but moves quickly and efficiently to cover the entire flow from monetization strategy to price optimization. Along the way we’ll discuss best-in-class companies, show analytics in action, and reinforce the lessons with quizzes.

Business Strategy Step-by-Step: Monetization and Pricing
Business Strategy Step-by-Step: Monetization and Pricing
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