Presentation Skills Masterclass

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Presentation Skills Masterclass, Helping you to confidently speak in public.

Speaking in public ranks very highly in the things that people are fearful of, often in polls it ranks even above death.  This course will give you the skills and knowledge to help you to overcome this fear, to improve your presentation skills and increase your confidence in giving presentations and speaking in public.

You will learn:

  • Planning and preparation – What are you going to tell them and how are you going to deliver the presentation. Learn about the presentation diamond and how to build on the knowledge you’re passing on.
  • Structure a presentation logically – Learn how to structure your presentation with a beginning, a middle and an end so the audience can easily follow what you’re going to tell them.   
  • Body language, voice tone & words – You will learn how to best present yourself so the presentation audience isn’t distracted or confused by the words you use, your posture, position, eye-contact, movement or facial expressions
  • Visual aids – You will learn how visual aids should be appropriate and proportionate to the subject matter, how you can avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’ and how to avoid slides that are packed with too much information.
  • Engagement techniques – You will learn how to keep the audience interested by telling stories and not simply giving data
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