Podcast Reel Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro in 3 Easy Steps

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Podcast Reel Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro in 3 Easy Steps, Learn to edit podcast reels in Hormozi style in this course using Adobe Premiere Pro (Video Podcasting Series).

Are you a podcaster? A video editor? Someone who needs to create, or improve their podcast clips? If you are like most people nowadays you are probabbly doing your clips editing with Descript. Which is fine. But it has limits as to which level of quality can reach.

With Premiere Pro there is no such thing as limits. Your imagination is the limit. Once you understand this beautiful software you will be able to manipulate video in the most diverse and flexible way you could imagine.

Without need to break the bank, this course will teach you everything you need to know on how to creat Hormozi-like reels in really little time.

I will keep updating this course over the time (I am publishing this on April 08, 2024) with more and better information and explanations (since Premiere Pro can be daunting sometimes).

With the techniques used in this course you will be able to turn any boring podcast clips into great pieces of video content for social media with just a bunch of video editing techniques.

Podcast clips are the best way to reach out for new audiences in the podcast world, however, standard mass-produced podcast stories don’t do the trick (think how good and hard-worked are Alex Hormozi’s stories and see how much better they are than the average Descript-made clip). These techniques will give you absolute control over your video and allow you to create high-quality content within hours.

Podcasters of all kind should give this course a shot.

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