Theory of Everything

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Theory of Everything, Theory of Everything Simulation and Computational Model.

This course is for students wishing to learn how to write code to create simulations for multiple Dimensions or Universes. This can be generated images or data.

This course addresses a Theory of Everything from a computer science stand point. The formula says that given a set resolution or matrix all possible permutations of a universe can be calculated.  And that you can add dimensions as columns where the number of columns is equal to your resolution. The higher the resolution the more it might start resemble our universe.

Practical Applications could include:

1) Help in understanding of higher dimensions

2) A Quantum algorithms to create a large universe in a very small time

3) Help in understanding multiple logistic regression better

4) Draw low res simulations of the early universe

5) Representation of quantum states in wave collapse

6) Language analysis

Students will also learn other alternative theories such as General Relativity and Quantum mechanics which is what is required to understand String Theory. We provide material on calculus, differentiation and integration that are required to understand Einstein’s field equations and General Relativity. The main Theory of Everything only requires that you understand some High school Math and Functional programing in your desired programming language we use JavaScript but the formulas/algorithms can be adapted to Python.

Multiple Logistic Regression if one has a large set of data is also covered and could be another possible candidate for the Theory of Everything.

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