PHP for Beginners: Create a Todolist with PHP and MySQL 2023

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PHP for Beginners: Create a Todolist with PHP and MySQL 2023, Utilize What you Learned in PHP and MySQL and PDO by Building This Todolist.

This short course which you can consume in less than a day is aimed to get you going with your PHP and MySQL skills. It will help especially if you are stuck in the tutorial hell and do not know how to begin and when to start your own personal projects. And I’m not saying that it is a big project but it is enough for a start.

I made sure that understand each component of the todolist that we will be going to build that is clear concise and convenient. After completing the course I would say that you are going to be confident to start building complex projects of course with searching.

So look what you are going to learn  here:

-Setting up the proper tools for basic web development

-Making a simple form for user input

-Performing create functionality

-Performing read functionality

-Performing delete functionality

-Performing update functionality

-Putting everything together

Simple, right? Of course, it is. It does not have to be super difficult to build your first project. These actionable short videos will train your web development muscles so to create and innovate. If you are hyped up as I am then do it now. Join the course and start building 🙂

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